Automating the install of the Application Templates for SharePoint

by Kindler Chase 20. January 2008 00:00
As I was manually installing the Fab 40 Application templates and sites for SharePoint 2007 in my development environment, I did what most lazy developers do: What could I do to automate the process of installing all the templates? Then it hit me. Why not just iterate through the file system and c... [More]

Creating a SharePoint Developer’s Environment

by Kindler Chase 14. January 2008 18:41
I have the good fortune of working for Tronox, a company that allows me quite a bit of latitude when it comes to setting up my development environment. With SharePoint 2007 looming on the horizon for us, and as the lead for our SharePoint deployment, I was allowed to requisition a proper environme... [More]

About Me

by Kindler Chase 1. January 2008 00:00
Not another blog? Back in the early days of the Internet, 1999 or so, I wrote an ASP/VBScript app that I called a "Journal".  Yep, it was a journal where I kept a public diary of my life events. Complete with a comment section and all.  My life events heavily revolved around c... [More]

Kindler Chase

Kindler Chase
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