STSADM.EXE is not a valid Win32 application

by Kindler Chase 8. May 2008 19:22
As I'm working in my virtual MOSS environment using the stsadm.exe utility I am suddenly presented with an error: C:\Program Files\...\STSADM.EXE is not a valid Win32 application. Huh? After several more attempts at using the stsadm.exe utility and receiving the same error ea... [More]

Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit Released

by Kindler Chase 6. May 2008 15:39
As our SharePoint environments scale in size, so does the complexity of maintaining sites. I believe MS is taking a proactive approach with SharePoint by listening to us, their customers. The more of us who send requests to MS, the more MS will be able to release future updates to the Administrati... [More]

Renaming a SharePoint Central Administration Database with a GUID Appended to the Database Name

by Kindler Chase 4. February 2008 00:00
note: I'd urge you to read all the comments other users have posted before renaming your database. During the installation and subsequent configuration of SharePoint you are provided the option of naming every database in your farm with the exception of one: The SharePoint Centr... [More]

Automating the install of the Application Templates for SharePoint

by Kindler Chase 20. January 2008 00:00
As I was manually installing the Fab 40 Application templates and sites for SharePoint 2007 in my development environment, I did what most lazy developers do: What could I do to automate the process of installing all the templates? Then it hit me. Why not just iterate through the file system and c... [More]

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