IE8 Readiness - are you Ready?

by Kindler Chase 23. May 2008 14:54
In addition to my SharePoint responsibilities, I spend a fair amount of time developing web-based applications. With that in mind, I thought I'd share an email that our company's Microsoft technical representative sent us today: IE8 Site Compatibility Customer Ready E-mail. Ensuring yo... [More]

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Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit Released

by Kindler Chase 6. May 2008 15:39
As our SharePoint environments scale in size, so does the complexity of maintaining sites. I believe MS is taking a proactive approach with SharePoint by listening to us, their customers. The more of us who send requests to MS, the more MS will be able to release future updates to the Administrati... [More]

Advanced SharePoint Videos and Whitepapers on TechNet

by Kindler Chase 5. March 2008 23:05
File this under: A Great Resource from Microsoft (better late than never).  I've spent the last few days reviewing the Advanced SharePoint Videos and Whitepapers that was recently released on TechNet. The papers are thorough. And the videos are extremely helpful. I haven't ... [More]

Microsoft Office Interactive Developer Map v2

by Kindler Chase 28. February 2008 12:56
One of the challenges of working in a Microsoft development environment is the ability to filter through the massive amount of information provided by Microsoft; be it MSDN, TechNet, E-Learning, etc… If you're like me, your bookmarks tend to become cluttered and you go through a cleanin... [More]

Managing and Viewing a Specific User’s Memberships in SharePoint

by Kindler Chase 21. February 2008 12:21
Today's Task: Find all memberships related to a specific user in SharePoint. Still searching? I'll give you a hint… you cannot list all memberships related to a specific user in SharePoint. That's right. SharePoint does not have the capability to perform a simple look-up t... [More]

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