Visual Studio Line Numbers Missing From Error List

by Kindler Chase 5. July 2008 16:30
I'm compiling a web site in Visual Studio 2008 and have an unsuccessful build. OK, nothing unusual yet; compile errors seem to follow me around more often than not. The Error List window presents a number of errors, but two things are out of the ordinary: The Error List does not show an... [More]

Tips and Tricks: Using CTRL+ALT+Delete with Remote Desktop Connection

by Kindler Chase 12. May 2008 10:48
Unless you change the settings for your Remote Desktop Connection, Windows key combinations will always be sent to your local machine when not in full-screen mode. What's the alternative? Alternative Key Combination: CTRL+ALT+END Alternative Menu Option: St... [More]

Where did my Property Snippet go in Visual Studio 2008?

by Kindler Chase 12. April 2008 20:34
I've been spending a fair amount of my time over the past couple of weeks digging into Windows Workflow Foundation with Visual Studio 2005 and .NET 3.0/3.5 with the assistance of Pro WF: Windows Workflow in .NET 3.5. This weekend I decided to create a virtual machine with Visual Studio 20... [More]

Tips and Tricks: Closed versus Deleted Web Parts in SharePoint

by Kindler Chase 25. February 2008 18:41
There is a resource hog waiting to be released in your SharePoint environment… when a web part is added to a page in SharePoint and subsequently "closed" by the user at a later date, the end user will most often believe the web part to be deleted. Let's think about why t... [More]

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