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My name is Kindler Chase. Originally born in Boulder, Colorado. Moved to the Vail Valley at the ripe age of five where I grew up. After a year of University at Baylor University I ended up graduating from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Psychology and minors in Biological Sciences and Chemistry and an un-official degree of the resident computer-geek.

I had every intention of heading into medical school after graduation, but opted out on the advice of most every M.D. I spoke with, re: the insurance companies were taking over the profession. I ended up finding a passion for cycling and spent many years training quite hard and rather quickly working my way up the ranks until I was racing at the Pro/1 level in the U.S. Not that I was ever able to compete with a true professional cyclist, but I could certainly hold my own and placed in the top 10 many times.

During the course of my cycling I was able to support myself through web development which provided me the means to base myself out of Denver, Colorado during the summer/fall racing season. And live in Southern California during the winter to train. Life was good!

After a good run at cycling, I had a near fatal accident in 2004 which eventually lead me to hang up my spokes.  Not such a bad thing as I still had a thriving web development business.

Not soon after, a cyber-friend who worked for the oil company Kerr-McGee, asked me if I wanted a 3-month gig as a contractor for them.  I jumped at the opportunity to experience a corporate environment. After the contract was up, I was offered a full-time position. I accepted.

Shortly after I accepted the position, Kerr-McGee spun off their chemical division and I went with the new company, Tronox.  And here I am 2 years later forging the way of SharePoint.

Anything else?

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Kindler Chase

Kindler Chase
This is SharePoint's world. I'm only living in it.

Your host, on the right, with my better half, Sadi.