I Passed the MS 70-630 Exam!

by Kindler Chase 4. April 2008 15:41

A couple of day ago I passed Exam 70-631: Configuring Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 with a perfect 1000 out of 1000 score. Today, I passed Exam 70-630: Configuring Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with a 982 out of 1000 score!  Add another Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) title to my belt.

Let's all take a collective moment and have a round of applause... <applause /> Thank You Smile 

Several MCTS' who passed Exam 70-630 (MOSS) have said they felt Exam 70-631 (WSS) was harder. I guess I fall on the other side of that equation; I felt that the MOSS exam was the harder of the two. There is a much broader range of topics covered in the MOSS exam than in the WSS exam. I've spent much of my time working on the backend configuration and feel very comfortable setting up a SharePoint environment which is more was the WSS exam covered. Whereas, the MOSS exam covers a very broad range of day to day tasks that, even though I understand, I am not as comfortable with.

If you're planning on taking the MOSS (70-630) exam, here are the areas I would recommend you brush up your knowledge:

  1. Understand how to manipulate top level navigation for a site collection.
  2. Review InfoPath forms server settings and publishing.
  3. Have you ever worked with managed properties?
  4. Brush up on your BDC, i.e., how to create seemless connections between the backed data source of the DBC and the front end web part consuming the data.
  5. As with the WSS exam, understand the various logging methods as well as site usage reporting.
  6. Know what and how to use an audience.
  7. Content Types. Content Types. Content Types.
  8. Know the basics of site customizatiom.
  9. Know what and when to use workflows. And how to use a workflow created in SharePoint Designer.
  10. Lists. Lists. Lists.

There are several questions related to various SharePoint security topics, basic SharePoint site configuration and other every-day tasks that you should be already be familiar with. If not, then you really need to ask yourself if you are truly ready for this exam or if you are taking the exam just to gain the credentials. In either case, think about why you are actually taking the exam. Personally, I took the exam to force me to gain a better understanding of the SharePoint platform.


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