Microsoft SharePoint Administration Toolkit Released

by Kindler Chase 6. May 2008 15:39

As our SharePoint environments scale in size, so does the complexity of maintaining sites. I believe MS is taking a proactive approach with SharePoint by listening to us, their customers. The more of us who send requests to MS, the more MS will be able to release future updates to the Administration Toolkit.


"The SharePoint Administration Toolkit contains functionality to help administrate and manage Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services. This toolkit contains two new functions – the ability to perform bulk operations on site collections and a STSADM operation to update alert e-mails after a Web application has changed URLs."

Batch Site Manager

The UI tool in this first release of the Administration Toolkit is called the Batch Site Manager providing new functionality in the Central Administration. In particular, you can "schedule bulk operations against site collections in the farm – including moving site collections between content databases."

Update Alerts

The command line tool adds an "updatealert" command to the STSADM. Essentially, this allows you to update all alert URL's in a specific site collection. Why would you need this? If you ever move a site to a different location or change the URL of the site then all the alerts our users have subscribed to will be busted! OK, not the alert itself, but the URL in the email will be busted.

The updatealert command will refresh all alert URL's for a given site collection. Of note, you cannot run the updatealert for all sites in one fell swoop since sites can live in different zones. This means the command will need to be run multiple times for each site collection.

Downloads and Resources

X64 Architecture

x86 Architecture

WhitePaper (Word document)

SharePoint Team Blogs about the Toolkit


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